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Doctor Jeremy Jones

Principal Research Fellow

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Address: B67, West Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ (View in Google Maps)


60 publications
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Christina Saville,
Bruna Rubbo,
& Peter Griffiths
, 2022 , International Journal of Nursing Studies , 134
Type: article
Anthony W. Gilbert,
Carl R. May,
Hazel Brown,
Maria Stokes,
, 2021 , Archives of Physiotherapy , 11 (1)
Type: article
Fiona J. Gilbert,
Scott Harris,
K.A. Miles,
Jonathan Weir-McCall,
N.R. Qureshi,
R.C. Rintoul,
S. Dizdarevic,
L Pike,
Donald Sinclair,
Andrew Shah,
Rosemary Eaton,
A.J. Clegg,
Benedetto Vitiello,
James Hill,
Andrew Cook,
D Tzelis,
Luke Vale,
J. Madden,
Kelly Cozens,
LA Little,
Kathrin Eichhorst,
P. Moate,
C. McClement,
Charles Peebles,
A Bannerjee,
S. Han,
F.W. Poon,
A.M. Groves,
L. Kurban,
Paul Roderick,
Anthony Frew,
Matthew Callister,
P. Crosbie,
F.V. Gleeson,
K Karunasaagarar,
O. Kankam,
& Steve George
, 2021 , Thorax
Type: article
Joanna Hope,
Jim Briggs,
Stephen Gerry,
& Oliver Redfern
, 2021 , International Journal of Nursing Studies , 118
Type: article
Anthony William Gilbert,
Jeremy Jones,
Anju Jaggi,
& Carl May
, 2020 , BMJ Open , 10 (9) , 1--10
Type: article
Christina Saville,
Rosemary Chable,
Andrew Dimech,
Yvonne Jeffrey,
Natalie Pattison,
Nicola Sinden,
& Thomas Monks
, 2020 , Health Services and Delivery Research , 8 (16) , 1--162
Type: article
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