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Dr Michael Bracher

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31 publications
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Tracy Long-Sutehall, Michael Bracher, Sarah Mollart & Jane Wale, 2023, Health and Social Care Delivery Research
Type: article
Tracy Long-Sutehall, Banyana Madi-Segwagwe, Adam Hurlow, Christina Faull, Claire Rayment, Faith Jacob, Jane Wale, Jill Short, Julie Johnston, Katerina Georgiade, Mark Brown, Naomi Seaton, Sarah Mollart, Suzie Gillon & Michael Bracher, 2022, Cell and Tissue Banking
Type: article
Carl R. May, Bianca Albers, Mike Bracher, Tracy L. Finch, Anthony Gilbert, Melissa Girling, Kathryn Greenwood, Anne MacFarlane, Frances S. Mair, Christine M. May, Elizabeth Murray, Sebastian Potthoff & Tim Rapley, 2022, Implementation Science, 17(1)
Type: article
Banyana Madi-Segwagwe, Michael Bracher, Michelle Myall, Adam Hurlow, Christina Faull, Clare Rayment, Jane Wale, Jill Short, Sarah Mollart & Tracy Long-Sutehall, 2021, BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 11(Supplement 2)
Type: conference
Elizabeth Stokoe, Charles Antaki, Michael Bracher, Leanne Christostomou, Elle Henderson, Danielle Jones & Simon, John Stewart, 2021
Type: other
Michael Bracher, Geoffrey J. Pilkington & Karen Pilkington, 2021, Anticancer research, 41(11), 5377-5391
Type: review
Michael Bracher, Tracy Long-Sutehall & Banyana Madi-Segwagwe, 2021
Type: conference
Mike Bracher, Banyana C Madi-segwagwe, Emma Winstanley, Helen Gillan & Tracy Long-Sutehall, 2021, BMJ Open, 11(9), e045250
Type: article
Banyana Madi-Segwagwe, Michael Bracher, Michelle Myall & Tracy Long-Sutehall, 2021, Palliative Medicine Reports, 2(1), 175-187
Type: article
Michael Bracher, 2021, BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 128(1), 140
Type: letterEditorial