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Doctor Tracey England

Dr Tracey England

Senior Research Fellow

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10 publications
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Bronagh Walsh, Carole Fogg, Tracey England, Francesca Lambert, Peter Griffiths, Abigail Barkham, Jane Ball, Sally Brailsford, Lee Ann Fenge, Martin Vernon & Vivienne Windle, 2024
Type: workingPaper
Simon Conroy, Sally Brailsford, Christopher Burton, Tracey England, Jagruti Lalseta, Graham Martin, Suzanne Mason, Laia Maynou, Kay Phelps, Louise Preston, Emma Regan, Peter Riley, Andrew Street & James van Oppen, 2023, Health and Social Care Delivery Research , 11(14), 1-183
Type: article
Bronagh Walsh, Carole Fogg, Scott Harris, Paul Roderick, Simon de Lusignan, Tracey England, Andrew Clegg, Sally Brailsford & Simon Fraser, 2023, Age and Ageing, 52(5), 1-9
Type: article
Tracey England, Sally Brailsford, Dave Evenden, Andrew Street, Laia Maynou, Suzanne Mason, Louise Preston, Christopher Burton, James Van Oppen & Simon Conroy, 2023, Age and Ageing, 52(1)
Type: article
Daniel Gartner, Izabela Spernaes, Tracey J. England, Doris A. Behrens, Joanne Buchanan & Paul R. Harper, 2022
Type: conference
Carole Fogg, Simon Fraser, Paul Roderick, Simon de Lusignan, Andrew Clegg, Sally Brailsford, Abigail Barkham, Harnish Patel, Vivienne Windle, Scott Harris, Shihua Zhu, Tracey England, Dave Evenden, Francesca Lambert & Bronagh Walsh, 2021, BMC Geriatrics, 22(1)
Type: article
Tracey England, Paul Harper, Tom Crosby, Daniel Gartner, Edilson F. Arruda, Kieran Foley & Ian Williamson, 2021, Journal of Simulation, 17(1), 94-104
Type: article
Syaribah Brice, Paul R. Harper, Tom Crosby, Daniel Gartner, Edilson F. Arruda, Tracey England, Emma Aspland & Kieran Foley, 2021, Journal of Health Organization and Management, 35(9), 121-139
Type: review
Tracey J. England, Paul R. Harper, Tom Crosby, Daniel Gartner, Edilson F. Arruda, Kieran G. Foley & Ian J. Williamson, 2020, Translational Lung Cancer Research, 10(3), 1368-1382
Type: article