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Mr Jared Mustafa-Holzapfel

Mr Jared Mustafa-Holzapfel

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Current research

My research focus is at the intersection between World Literary Studies and Queer Studies with literature written in English by Arab authors as the case study. Across a selection of novels I am posing questions about queer character construction, interactions with society (within the texts), and the socio-economic political complications thereof. All of the texts are 21st Century novels with many set in war-torn environments. The project covers topics such as abuse, trauma, crossing borders, identity, and more.

During my time at Southampton I have taught on ENGL1091: World Dramas and ENGL2091: From Black and White to Colour: A Screen History of ‘Race’, Gender and Sexuality in Post‐War Britain as a seminar tutor. At Bournemouth University I have taught on Narrative Identities and Culture and Controversies, both MA modules, and supervised thesis projects.

In addition to my research I act at the English PGR Representative taking issues from the cohort to the Graduate School and Doctoral College.

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