Doctor Richard Marsh

Dr Richard Marsh

Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • My primary interest is nuclear characterisation in support of decommissioning of both civil reactor operations and also industrial / research sites for waste sentencing and disposal.
  • My previous work has included development of novel and rapid approaches for analysis of tritium, in particular the development of a new high-capacity sample oxidiser for problematic waste streams.
  • I am also experienced in radiation safety and open radioactive source work in relation to IRR and EPR regulations and in particular the requirements associated with the handling of LLW and ILW for preparation and analysis.

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Facility Manager for the NNUF-EXACT (Next Generation Accelerated Characterisation Technologies) Facility at the University of Southampton. Senior Research Fellow in Nuclear Characterisation and Decommissioning. 

I have worked in both academic and industry contexts and am experienced in radioanalytical characterisation and radiation safety.