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Doctor Katie Parnell

Doctor Katie Parnell

 BSc, EngD, C.ErgHF
Senior Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Road safety 
  • Aviation decision making

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Address: Boldrewood Campus, Burgess Road, SO16 7QF (View in Google Maps)


Dr Katie Parnell is Research Fellow in Human Factors Engineering within in the Transportation Research Group at the University of Southampton.

Dr Parnell’s research interests include ensuring that human-machine systems are designed to be safe, usable and effective. Specifically, this includes ensuring the user-led requirements are understood and established early on the design process of new technologies. She has experience in applying and developing human factors methods within a range of different domains including road safety, aviation, automation, and drone research. 

Dr Parnell is currently working on the REsilient Autonomous SOcio-cyber-physical ageNts (REASON) project within the Trustworthy Autonomous System (TAS) programme. Her research involves understanding the ways that future road users will interact with each other in a world where automated vehicles will become increasingly prevalent. She is particularly interested in the societal impact of automated vehicles and how they will account for inclusivity issues that currently arise in our contemporary transportation networks.

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