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Miss Bethany Doo

Miss Bethany Doo

Research interests

  • My research interests lie within habitat degradation in tropical forests, and the associated impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. I am particularly interested in degradation from tropical agriculture and how it affects processes such as pollination. Further research interests include community-based conservation and ornithology.
  • My current research focuses on the tropical montane forests of Peninsular Malaysia. My Ph.D. project will investigate the effects of agricultural expansion and urbanisation on the butterflies inhabiting these forests, with a particular focus on their ecological interactions.

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Miss Bethany Doo is Postgraduate Research Student based within both the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Ocean and Earth Science.


2022-Present: PhD Biological Sciences, University of Southampton, UK

2017-2018: MSc Conservation & Biodiversity, University of Exeter, UK

2013-2016: BSc Biology, University of Southampton, UK

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