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Mr Jack Tyler

Mr Jack Tyler


Research interests

  • Astrodynamics and orbital mechanics
  • High-performance computing and massively parallel techniques
  • Numerical methods and numerical analysis

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Jack is a final-year PhD Candidate under the supervision of Dr. Alexander Wittig in the Astronautics Research Group at Southampton. His primary research interests involve the design, development and deployment of novel numerical methods to support the analysis of complex astrodynamics problems using techniques from dynamical systems theory and fluid dynamics.

His techniques often leverage high-performance computing, in which he was trained as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Next-Generation Computational Modelling, who fund his research. Massively parallel techniques are used to unlock additional insight, in combination with more traditional approaches of code runtime optimisation.

More widely, he is interested in the application of trajectory optimisation to spaceflight problems, having published on the topic in 2021. Jack maintains interests in other fields as varied as autonomous (space)flight, vehicle trajectory optimisation and flight testing.

He has consulted privately on computational modelling in space problems, as well as in computational epidemiology and spatial optimisation for medical treatment provision.

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