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Mr Juljan Krause

Mr Juljan Krause

 MSc, MA, BSc

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Address: B32, East Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ (View in Google Maps)


I am a final-year PhD Researcher at the School of Electronics & Computer Science at the University of Southampton. My thesis investigates the global (cyber)security challenges of quantum computing and quantum communication networks – I am studying what a future quantum internet will look like, what it can (and cannot) do, and what a good governance model for it would be. 

I have particular expertise on great-power rivalry between China and the US in the quantum domain. Beyond quantum, I have published on policy issues around trusted autonomous systems for defence and cybersecurity. 

My background is in maths, economics and computer science. I also hold a Professional Certificate in Quantum Computing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I have considerable experience in policy analysis, consultancy, teaching and data analytics that I have gained in roles with the UK Cabinet Office, eBay, the European Commission, the London School of Economics, Deutsche Bank Research and the Web Science Trust.

Some selected publications: 

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