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Doctor Weiwei Zhang

Dr Weiwei Zhang

Senior Research Fellow

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Research groups

Current research

Dr W. Zhang focuses on developing novel modulator/detector mechanisms and devices to address the future development trend of high-speed transceiver technologies and programmable photonics for AI and 5G applications. His present research/project covers the following fields:

  1. Universal silicon photonics resonators for light detection and modulations, studying co-design of light detection and modulation within single silicon waveguide PN junction for error-free high-speed modulations and detection simultaneously.
  2. High bandwidth silicon modulators for beyond 100 Gbaud communications, developing new methods to break the bandwidth bottleneck.
  3.  Photonic integration system, including electronic and photonic co-design and co-integration, and universal Ring resonator transceiver integration with comb light source.
  4.  Advanced Silicon photonics fabrication, developing new structures based on CORNERSTONE foundry facilities to address future trends of silicon photonics technologies, such as MOS waveguide for highly efficient modulators, 3D buried tapers to bridge thick waveguide and thin waveguide for optical fibre packaging and laser integration.
  5. Novel modulation mechanisms, verifying new physical effects in silicon, such as using large DC electric field to excite/enhance linear electro-optic effect for microwave photonics and cryogenic communications applications.