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Doctor Philip Turner

Dr Philip Turner

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Household energy use and demand 
  • Urban design & sustainable architecture
  • Behaviour change

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Philip Turner, MEng (Hons), PhD, is a post-doctoral research fellow studying liveable cities and urban regeneration specialising in urban behavioural and personality trait studies at the Energy and Climate Change Division, University of Southampton. Has recently completed PhD thesis ‘Impacts of urban interventions for the reinvigoration of secondary and tertiary high streets’ as part of a multidisciplinary research programme (Liveable Cities – “Transforming the Engineering of Cities for Global and Societal Wellbeing”). Research interests focus on measuring the impact of interventions on people, with highly developed skills in surveying /interviewing and observational/statistical analysis. Prior to starting his PhD, Philip was working as an architectural assistant at Snug Architects following a first class degree in Civil Engineering & Architecture at the University of Southampton.