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Doctor Takfarinas Medjnoun

Dr Takfarinas Medjnoun

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Wall-bounded turbulence.
  • Flow control and drag reduction.
  • Experimental fluid mechanics (PIV/LIF, HWA, LDA, Force, Pressure and temperature).

More research


Takfarinas Medjnoun (he/him) is a Research Fellow at the Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics research group at the University of Southampton.

His work explores fundamental and applied fluid mechanics research using various experimental methods to study turbulent flows. His primary focus is on understanding and modelling wall-turbulence dynamics pertaining to urban and atmospheric flow systems. Takfarinas' work also involves characterising rough-wall surfaces aiming at modelling and predicting the aerodynamic resistance relevant to other engineering applications such as fuel-based systems to help reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.