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Mr Timo Kuerten

Mr Timo Kuerten

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Timo is a Medical Research Council/Cancer Research UK co-funded CASE PhD student at the University of Southampton, specialising in the cell biology and immunology of cancer.

His PhD project focusses on enhancing cancer immunotherapy through the identification and characterisation of novel T-regulatory cell targets. This research uses a combination of in silico, in vitro and in vivo techniques to find and characterise potential therapeutic targets on tumour T-regulatory cells, against which novel antibodies are generated using BioInvent International's n-CoDeR® phage display antibody library.

This work is undertaken as part of the Antibody and Vaccines Group in Prof. Mark Cragg's lab, co-supervised by Dr Rosanna Smith and Dr Kirstie Cleary in collaboration with Swedish immuno-oncology company BioInvent International AB.

Timo also has additional research experience in cancer drug resistance and non-coding cancer genomics through his MSc-Res research project at the University of Kent and industrial experience at Skylab Bio, respectively. 

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