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Miss Becky Hopkins

Miss Becky Hopkins

Research interests

  • Antarctic palaeoclimate
  • Relative palaeointensity and age model development
  • Environmental reconstruction

More research


Becky Hopkins is a PhD candidate at the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, and the British Antarctic Survey. Her current research is focused on the Amundsen Sea region of West Antarctica, where she is constructing a magnetic palaeointensity age model for Site U1533 and reconstructing changes in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet through environmental magnetism. 

She is currently part of the International Thwaites Glacial Collaboration (ITGC) group THOR (Thwaites OffShore Research), and joint UK-US project aimed at understanding the rapid changes being seen at Thwaites Glacier. She sailed on the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer in 2020 where she collected sediment cores and surface samples, in the hopes of detecting modern water pathways through foraminiferal stable isotopes. This work will then be used to reconstruct changes through time downcore, in order to detect the behaviour of Thwaites Glacier and how water mass changes affected its stability.