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Miss Francesca Rotondo

Miss Francesca Rotondo

Research interests

  • Lithostratigraphy, structure, petrology and geochemistry of ancient and modern oceanic lithosphere.
  • Role of fluids both in seafloor hydrothermal systems at mid-ocean ridges and along slabs interfaces at convergent margins.
  • Relationships between alteration metamorphism and deformation within ophiolitic complexes.

More research


Address: National Oceanography Centre, Waterfront Campus European Way, SO14 3ZH


Passionate in Geosciences, I believe that extending our knowledge on ocean crust formation and evolution would provide new headways on plate tectonics and global geochemical cycles of C and other elements, which are pivotal to a deeper understanding of the impacts on Earth’s climate.

MSc in Earth Sciences (2018) – Dissertation: The metasomatic reaction rim between serpentinites and metasediments in the high Champorcher valley Metaophiolite (Aosta Valley, Western Alps): structural and petrographic features and inference for the oceanic and subduction evolution

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