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Mr Arvind Shekar

Mr Arvind Shekar

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My goal is to understand the fundamental laws of our Universe better. My current research is centered around realizing a theory of Quantum Gravity. Towards this, I use string theory, holographic dualities (duality relating gravitational theories to theories without gravity in one lower dimension), specifically AdS/CFT correspondence and quantum information to understand and resolve the information loss paradox in black holes. My research interest also includes developments in Celestial/ Flat space holography and foundations of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Black holes provide various clues to piece together quantum gravity. One aspect of this is the long standing information paradox in black holes. Specifically, I am looking at, if and when the recent islands and replica wormhole proposal to solve the paradox in 1+1 dimensions will generalize to higher dimensions. I am also exploring Quantum error correction codes, Chaos, SYK, matrix models, conformal deformations.

Another interesting development is the efforts to realize a holography in asymptotically flat spacetimes which I have been exploring. Equally interesting is the motivation for the holography - the IR triangle relating soft theorems, asymptotic symmetry ward identities, memory effects. I have also been exploring Carrollian symmetries and Nonrelativistic field theories.  

You can find my publications here