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Doctor Eunice Aroyewun

Dr Eunice Aroyewun

Senior Research Assistant

Research interests

  • Child protection
  • Adolescent health
  • Public health

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Dr Eunice Aroyewun is a Senior Research Assistant at the School of primary care, population science and medical education, University of Southampton. She is the lead for the Wessex REACH Initiative, a NIHR supported research capacity building programme. 

As an early career researcher, she has managed several health-related research involving collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including a multi-country study in Africa in collaboration with the International Vaccine Institute, South-Korea. Her research interests include child protection, adolescent health and public health.

She is passionate to improve the mental health of orphans and vulnerable children. She is currently working with a team of researchers in UK on a system mapping and evaluation of the response to domestic abuse in a local council; and with local partners on a multi-country study in Africa aimed at improving mental health of children living in care homes/refugee settings.