Doctor Mostafa Ellaithy

Dr Mostafa Ellaithy

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Microstructure alterations in bearing steel subsurface due to rolling contact fatigue and their influence on final failure.
  • Bearing performance in high speed cryogenic applications for space applications.
  • Influence of electrical currents and hydrogen embrittlement on bearing failure due to RCF.

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Mostafa is a research fellow in nCATs group. He recieved his PhD from the University of Southampton where he studied the development in subsurface microstructural alterations known as dark etching regions and white etching bands in bearing steels due to rolling contact fatigue in collaboration with Schaeffler Technologies.  Mostafa is currently working on the microstructure analysis of bearing steels and subsurface initiated failure known as butterflies/white etching areas and white etching cracks induced by rolling contact fatigue. He is interested in how electrical currents, hydrogen embrittlement and material properties influence the integrity of the bearing microstructure.