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Doctor Sunyu Chai

Dr Sunyu Chai

Lecturer in Digital Entrepreneurship

Research interests

  • Digital Technology
  • Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Science, Technology & Society (STS)

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Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Sunyu Chai is a Lecturer in Digital Entrepreneurship based in Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton.

Before joining the University of Southampton, Sunyu earned her PhD in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2022, with a Dean’s Fellowship for doctoral studies. Her doctoral dissertation, titled “Exploring Relations of Work, Organization, and Technology in Contemporary Society,” focused on developing theoretical foundations that shape the intricate relationships of these fields. 

This examination continuously unfolds through two primary dimensions: (1) a phenomenological investigation into the multifaceted dimensions of technology, and (2) a critical analysis of scholarly methodologies and the epistemologies that underpin organization and management theories. This analysis extends to discussing academic paradigms, exploring how scholars have constructed the notion of technology and how scholarly methods can be further updated to capture the newly emerging digital context. 

Her scholarly work has been expanded into participating in interdisciplinary work and projects, fostering creative and practical discussions on the evolving digital landscape, which is bringing industrial and cultural transformations. She welcomes collaboration requests from scholars and industry practitioners in various disciplinary fields.