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Doctor Soroosh Saghiri

Dr Soroosh Saghiri

Associate Professor of Operations

Research interests

  • Procurement and Supply Chain Strategies: with an emphasis on industry 4.0 applications
  • Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Management
  • Operations Digital Transformation

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Dr. Soroosh Saghiri is an Associate Professor at the University of Southampton Business School, where he serves as an operations and supply chain management subject matter expert. He is a thought leader in procurement and supply chain management, operations strategy, and omnichannel retail logistics.

Soroosh is the author of many scientific and business publications, including a number of award-winning, top-cited, and highly recommended papers. He has been also a visiting lecturer and keynote speaker at several world-leading business schools and business summits and seminars.

Recent Publications:

Saghiri, S., Aktas, E., & Mohammadipour, M. (2023). Grocery omnichannel perishable inventories: performance measures and influencing factors. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 43(12), 1891-1919.

Saghiri, S., & Mirzabeiki, V. (2021). Omni-channel integration: the matter of information and digital technology. International Journal of Operations & Production Management41(11), 1660-1710.

Saghiri, S., Mohammadipour, M., & Mirzabeiki, V. (2024). Revisiting operations agility and formalizing digitalization in response to varying levels of uncertainty and customization. Production Planning & Control, In Press, 1-25.

Ebrahimi, A., Khakpour, R., & Saghiri, S. (2023). Sustainable setup stream mapping (3SM): a systematic approach to lean sustainable manufacturing. Production Planning & Control34(4), 311-329.

Saghiri, S. S., & Mirzabeiki, V. (2021). Buyer-led environmental supplier development: Can suppliers really help it?. International Journal of Production Economics233, 107969.