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Ms Tahrima Hossain

Ms Tahrima Hossain

Teaching Fellow

Research interests

  • Evaluation of Education System: What works, What’s the crisis? 
  • Education research focusing on Policy evaluation
  • Ethics, EDI, and Evaluation

More research


Tahrima Hossain is Teaching Fellow in Academic Practice (Evaluation) of the Centre for Higher Education Practice (CHEP) at the University of Southampton. Her role supports the evaluation of the programmes and projects led by CHEP.

With a focus on using real evidence, Tahrima supports her colleagues in gaining insights into the performance of various programs, spanning education, research, knowledge exchange, enterprise, and postgraduate research development.

Tahrima is also involved in supporting the evaluation of Strategic Major Projects  to evidence positive change.

In addition to these responsibilities, Tahrima is committed to nurturing an evaluative culture and fostering awareness regarding the significance of evaluation.

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