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Doctor Saddaf Naaz Akhtar

Dr Saddaf Naaz Akhtar

Research Fellow in Inclusive Ageing (QA)

Research interests

  • Inclusive and healthy ageing
  • Mortality and causes of death
  • Public health and Gender

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Doctor Saddaf Naaz Akhtar is a Research Fellow in Inclusive Ageing at the Centre for Research on Ageing, Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton. As a statistician and demographer, her research interests broadly lie on ageing, mortality, longevity, causes of death, public health and social demography including methodological challenges, data quality, mortality forecasting, gender and regional mortality gaps, death registration, hospitalisation, and lifespan inequality and healthy ageing. Her research also considers the role of country policy context on middle-aged adults and older adults’ health and wellbeing in India and other low-middle-income countries.

She is currently working on the ESRC research project titled “Promoting inclusivity in pension protection and other forms of saving among men and women from black and minority ethnic communities in the UK: a mixed methods study”. Her role in the project is to lead the quantitative data  analysis.