Mr Thomas Howe

Mr Thomas Howe

Research interests

  • Metal Oxide Thin Films for Radiative Cooling and RF Transparency

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PhD student within the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ESC).

Current research focus:

  • Fabrication of metal oxide thin films for radiative cooling applications and RF transparency. 

Previous research focuses:

  • Fabrication of transparent conductive oxide (TCO) thin films via RF magnetron sputtering for applications in ultrafast all-optical switching.
  • Reactive laser annealing as a method of modulating the electrical and optical properties of thin film materials.
  • Electrical and optical characterisation of thin film materials via infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry (IR-SE)
  • Fabrication of Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) thin films via sol-gel and excimer laser annealing for spintronic applications.