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Doctor Wing Yee Karen Yuen

Dr Wing Yee Karen Yuen

Associate Professor

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Research groups

Current research

1. Molecular mechanisms of centromere establishment and maintenance:

Using S. cerevisiae’s point centromeres and C. elegans’ holocentromeres along the whole chromosomes as models, Yuen Lab investigates how centromere nucleosomes determine their chromosomal localizations from scratch epigenetically and maintain them through mitosis and meiosis.


2. Developing artificial chromosomes by synthetic biology:

Understanding how centromeres are established helps us to design and develop artificial chromosomes that segregates faithfully and stably. This technology can be applied in gene therapies and gene function studies.  


3. Mechanism of suspended animation and recovery in anoxia:

In extreme adverse environmental conditions, such as anoxia, a no-oxygen condition, many organisms can undergo suspended animation, a complete pause of cell cycle progression and metabolism, to protect the cells. After the adverse situation has passed, cells can recover completely without harm and damage. Yuen Lab aims to study the mechanisms involved and the evolutionary importance.