Doctor Dr Vivienne  Rwang

Dr Dr Vivienne Rwang

Teaching Fellow

Research interests

  • Education effectiveness and improvement in challenging contextsEducational displacements (IDPs & Refugees)Educational accessibility and quality provision for displaced personsEducational marginalisation, inequality, and inclusion in displacement contextsIDP/Refugee Education Policy and Practice

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Dr Vivienne Kachollom Rwang is a Teaching Fellow based in Southampton Education School.

Her role includes the following, delivering teaching to students at undergraduate and postgraduate level through allocated lectures, tutorials, practicals and seminars. Setting and marking coursework/exam and providing constructive feedback. As Personal Academic Tutor (PAT), directly supervise students, providing advice on study skills and helping with learning problems. Identifying learning needs of students and defining learning objectives. Planning, developing teaching materials, methods, and approaches. Obtaining feedback and reflecting on teaching design and delivery, investigating innovative teaching, contributing to the development of new teaching approaches, and continually updating her knowledge and understanding of subject area.

Vivienne is also the Undergraduate Student Experience Coordinator – This role entails organising co-curricular activities and check ins that encourage student engagement, support learning and foster satisfaction outcomes. Including administrative duties that contribute to the efficient management and administration of the school.