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Professor Aaron Ridley

Professor in Philosophy

Research interests

  • Aesthetics
  • Philosophy of Music
  • Nietzsche

Accepting applications from PhD students

Miss Abigail Darville

Research interests

  • Community Archaeology and Heritage Management 
  • Underwater and Maritime Cultural Heritage Manamgent in The Bahamas  
  • Capacity Development 

Ms Abigail George

Mr Adrian Sewell

Senior Language Teaching Fellow

Dr Adriana Patino

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Director of the Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR). I have expertise in sociolinguistic ethnography, language socialisation, narrative inquiry, and multilingualism. I have concentrated on the social processes that are produced in daily-life encounters by focusing on the intersection between language, ideology and positioning. My interests lie in the area of how young people and adults experience language issues when embarking upon life projects involving mobility. I am currently interested in Family, Language and Memory. 

Accepting applications from PhD students

Mr Ahmad Alzahrani

Research interests

  • Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 
  • Assessment Identity 
  • English as a Medium of Education 

Dr Aiysha Jahan

Part Time Lecturer