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Dr Aiden Gregg BA, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr Aiden Gregg's photo

Dr Aiden Gregg is Associate Professor within Psychology at the University of Southampton.

I obtained my BA in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin in 1993, and my PhD in Personality and Social Psychology from Yale University in 2000. From 2000 to 2004, I worked as a research fellow in Psychology at the University of Southampton. From September 2004, I began working there as a lecturer. From 2012 I have been Associate Professor. I belong to the Personality and Social Psychology Research Group, and am a member of the Centre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI).

Research interests

My research interests can be grouped into two broad domains, which sometimes intersect.

First, I am interested in the nature and application of indirect or implicit measures. In particular, I am concerned with the Implicit Association Test (IAT), which captures automatic associations towards self and others based on reaction time, and my own Timed Antagonistic Response Alethiometer (TARA), a new type of lie detector operating on a similar principle.

Second, I am interested in the nature and implications of self-related motivations and perceptions, such as self-enhancement, self-esteem, and narcissism. In particular, I am interested in the relative strength of identity-relevant motives, and in studying the functionality of self-esteem from an evolutionary perspective.

Some illustrative lines of research I have been pursuing, and am continuing to pursue, are listed below:

  • Does the empirical record really implicate a motive to verify one’s identity as opposed to enhance it? Is simple rationality a better explanation of the existing findings?
  • What evolutionary function does self-regard serve? How does the social milieu affect self-regard and what consequences does it have for people’s interpersonal behavior?
  • To what extent can implicit measures, such as the IAT and TARA, be usefully applied in consumer domains?
  • What are the determinants of intellectual arrogance versus humility? Is arrogance highest in those who combine the highest levels of agency (status, competence, assertiveness) with the lowest levels of communion (belongingness, warmth, and amiability)

Research group

Centre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)

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I currently teach three undergraduate courses on the BSc Undergraduate Programme in Psychology:

  • PSYC1005: Thinking Psychologically (Tutor)
  • PSYC2005: Individual Differences: Personality and Intelligence (Coordinator)
  • PSYC3014: Self and Identity (Coordinator)
Dr Aiden Gregg
Building 44 Highfield Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 44/4015

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