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Dr Nick Maguire 

Associate Professor

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Dr Nick Maguire is an Associate Professor within Psychology at the University of Southampton.

I qualified in 1999 as a Clinical Psychologist from Southampton, having completed my undergraduate degree here also. I’ve always combined clinical with academic roles, until 2006 when I came to the University full-time.

Whilst working for the NHS I set up a number of projects treating homeless people with the aim of reducing antisocial behaviours and concomitant eviction rates. I sit on the All Party Parliamentary Group for complex needs and mental health, and a working group supporting the National Inclusion Health board. I’m also a founding member of the Faculty of Homeless Healthcare.

My current role at the University enables me to make use of my clinical training in a number of areas in addition to researching homelessness issues, including mediation and bringing a psychological approach to good management and leadership.

Research interests

My main research activity reflects my clinical interest in the mental health issues implicated in homelessness. Clinical evidence appears to indicate a high level of undiagnosed personality disorder together with alcohol and / or substance abuse within the entrenched rough sleepers cohort of the homeless population (i.e. the individuals who repeatedly lose tenancies). The two main research questions to be answered currently are:

  1. what is the measured incidence of personality disorder in this population, and
  2. can these needs be addressed using cognitive behavioural therapy?

In addition, we are researching the ability of frontline workers within the homelessness field to formulate problems using the cognitive model after having been trained to use the model.

An additional research programme is investigating the psychological factors which seem to underpin homelessness, including the role of 'complex trauma'. A model describing these issues is currently under construction and being empirically evaluated. Psychological variables shown so far to be implicated in the cause and maintenance of homelessness include emotion dysregulation, experiential avoidance, shame, victimisation and maladaptive coping styles, all associated with childhood abuse and neglect.

I'm also interested in the way that medical practitioners communicate with people with long-term health conditions, and the application of cognitive behaviour therapy to such disorders.

Research group

Centre for Innovation in Mental Health (CiMH)

Research project(s)

Financial difficulties and mental health problems

This project aims to examine the relationships between financial difficulties and mental health problems.    

Supervision of Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology and PhD Doctoral research projects

Contributing to the DClin Psychology course

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Other publications

Maguire, N., Johnson, R., Vostanis, P., et al (2010) Mental health good practice guide: meeting the psychological and emotional needs of homeless people, National Mental Health Development Unit and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

PG Certificate in CBT for Anxiety and Depression

PG Certificate in CBT for Long-Term Health Conditions

PG Diploma in CBT

PG IAPT Diploma in CBT for Anxiety and Depression

Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology

University workshops on leadership, teamwork and mediation

Dr Nick Maguire
Building 44 Highfield Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 44/4136

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