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Digital humanities facilities

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About the Digital humanities facilities

Use our immersive, virtual reality and digital production facilities to create and explore artefacts, environments and recordings for your humanities research.

Our Digital Humanities Hub offers researchers a large, open space to work and collaborate with participants, other academics and professionals. 

Highlights include

You can book the Digital Humanities Hub to:

  • play virtual reality, immersive or 360 degree digital content
  • record audio and video and develop digital productions 
  • create performances with motion capture technology
  • hold immersive, media rich workshops
  • photograph fine details in 2D or 3D
  • digitally scan and 3D print objects

Technical specification

Igloo Immersive Environment

  • 6 metres diameter
  • 5 speakers
  • 5 Benq TH685 HDR Console gaming projectors ( and remote)

Virtual reality equipment

  • HTC and Oculus virtual reality headsets
  • Cyberith VR treadmill
  • Noitom motion capture system

Podcasting studio

  • RØDE audio production studio and mics
  • Headphones, cameras, lighting kit, and tripods
  • Dedicated workspace

Fabrication and printing

  • Ultimaker fused filament fabrication (plastic, stone, wood, metal)
  • Phrozen resin printing

2D and 3D imaging

  • Reflectance Transformation Imaging equipment, including Micro-RTI
  • Kaiser copy stands (in-house and portable)
  • Creality structured light scanner
  • Cameras and tripods

Computing: making, microcontrollers and games

  • Raspberry Pis, Badger E Ink badges, accessories, and cables
  • High-performance computing, including Alienware
  • Historic and contemporary videogame collections 

Contact us

Contact us

For more information or to book equipment at our Digital Humanities Facilities, get in touch with our expert team.
Room 2155, Building 65, Avenue Campus, SO17 1BF
We’re open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 UK time