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E-textile Innovation Lab

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About the E-textile Innovation Lab

We operate at the intersection of textiles and electronics, blending design with engineering. Our mission is to create innovative e-textiles that enhance people's lives and contribute to sustainability, making the world a better place to live. 

Our team is diverse, with members bringing expertise in computerised knit design, materials, electronics and sensors, garment construction, end-user engagement, clinical studies, and project management.

Our facility is well-appointed with equipment for various aspects of textile design and manufacturing, including knitting, weaving, and printing. Additionally, we have specialised lab facilities dedicated to e-textiles, enabling us to print electronics on textiles and develop wearable prototypes. 

Technical specification

Computerised machine knitting

  • Shima Seiki M153XS-15L Wholegarment knitting machine

  • Shima Seiki flatbed knitting machines (7, 12 and 18 gauge)

  • Dubied flatbed knitting machines (2.5, 3, 4.5, 5, 8 and 12 gauge)

  • Shima Seiki SDS-ONE APEX4 Software

Ink formulation and printing

  • THINKY ARE-250 speed mixer

  • TWS Automation SR2700 semi-automatic printer

  • Fuchs Air-Swing 1000 pro pneumatic transfer press

  • Safelab Airone-X fume cupboard

  • Carbolite Gero lab oven

Pattern cutting and garment construction

  • Brother Z8550B digital industrial zig zag lockstich machine

  • Kansai Special WX-8803D industrial coverstitch machine

  • Comel pressurised steam iron & heated vacuum table

  • Pattern cutting tools

  • Alvanon full form mannequin 

  • Alvaform 3D virtual body database

  • CLO-3D software


  • Agilent Technologies & Rigol Oscilloscopes

  • Aim-TTi dual channel power supply

  • JBC digital soldering station

  • Commercial laundering equipment

Contact us

Contact us

For more information, please contact Gillian Lake-Thompson, lab manager.
Room 1065, East Side, Winchester School of Art, Park Avenue, Winchester, SO23 8DL