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Histochemistry research facility

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About the Histochemistry research facility

We process cells and tissue samples into a range of mediums including frozen, paraffin, and resin. Allowing sectioning and staining techniques.

We have a range of equipment, including:

  • a cryostat
  • paraffin and resin microtomes
  • light microscopes - including those with multiple heads
  • a digital camera for photomicrography and a camera lucida attachment
  • an image analysis system
  • a laser microdissection microscope

We have many collaborations within the University, with academic institutions, and with the pharmaceutical industry across the world.

We can offer advice and training on a variety of techniques, and have extensive experience in histopathology for clinical trials.

Part of: The Histochemistry Research Unit (HRU)

About the histochemistry research facility

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General office

Histochemistry Research Unit Mailpoint 894, Level B, South Block Southampton General Hospital Tremona Road Southampton SO16 6YD