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Railway Equipment Research Facility

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About the Railway Equipment Research Facility

We have worked with many clients who require use of our facilities for testing a varied range of components and equipment for the railway industry.    

If your requirements are not covered within the list of standards below, please contact us providing as much information as possible about your product and the tests (defined schedule or standard) that you wish to undertake.  In some cases, we may request that you visit the laboratory to discuss your requirements before we agree to quote. 

If you are considering testing using one of the standards listed above, please contact us  and include the following information: 

  • the relevant section of a standard that you wish to have performed 
  • information (including detail drawings) of the item that you wish to test 
  • is a report required? 

This activity is provided by the Tony Davies High Voltage Lab.

Technical specification

Recently used standards 

  • BS EN 60077-1-2017  - Railway Applications - electric equipment for rolling stock 
  • BS EN IEC 60077-4-2019 - Railway applications. Electric equipment for rolling stock. Electrotechnical components. Rules for AC circuit-breakers 
  • BS EN 50124-1:2017 - Railway applications - Insulation coordination - Part 1: Basic Requirements - clearances and creepage distances for all electrical and electronic equipment 
  • BS EN 50119:2020 - Railway applications. Fixed installations. Electric traction overhead contact lines 
  • BS EN 50122:2011+A4:2017 - Railway applications — Fixed installations — Electrical safety, earthing and the return circuit Part 1: Protective provisions against electric shock. 
  • BS EN 50124-1:2017 - Railway applications. Insulation coordination. Basic requirements. Clearances and creepage distances for all electrical and electronic equipment. 
  • BS EN 50633:2016 - Railway applications — Fixed installations — Protection principles for AC and DC electric traction systems. 

Contact Us

Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory

Building 20, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ 
We’re open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 UK time.