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Computational Nonlinear Optics

Computer simulation of the evolution in frequency and time of a laser pulse propagating in an optical fibre

We develop theoretical models and computer simulations for a wide range of photonics systems, such as optical fibres, integrated waveguides, and quantum technology.


The group is interested in the theoretical and numerical investigation of a wide range of photonics systems from fundamental physics to photonic engineering, from single photons to Gigawatt level laser pulses, from integrated devices to optical fibres. On all projects we collaborate closely with experimental research groups, and the interaction between our modelling work and corresponding experiments is a main driving force in our research.   

A particular research focus is on nonlinear optics in guided-wave structures, such as the simulation of short laser pulse propagation in optical fibres leading to spatial and spectral reshaping of the laser field. The work addresses fundamental photonics questions as well as simulation methods, optimisation of devices, and applications in, for example, telecommunications, sensing, and high-power lasers. 

Quantum technology is another major area of the group’s research. In close collaboration with other groups in the UK National Quantum Technology Programme we investigate novel devices that combine matter-based quantum bits (qubits), such as single trapped ions, with photonics, such as optical waveguides and optical resonators. Such devices are expected to be the basic components of future quantum sensing, secure communication, and quantum computing applications. 

Specific topics of interest are: 

  • Laser pulse propagation in optical fibres 
  • Dynamics of multimode fibre lasers 
  • Design of microstructure and solid optical fibres 
  • Integrated photonics 
  • Optical micro-resonators 
  • Photonics for quantum technology 
  • High-harmonic generation by ultrashort laser pulses 
  • Optical sensing and microfluidics 

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