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An exterior view of HMS Victory docked at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Conserving maritime history

Published: 21 November 2022

The University’s nC2 Engineering Consultancy is running their specially designed series of tests to assess the long-term performance of a range of paints, caulking and glues (plank sealants) and metal fastenings.

The research forms part of a NMRN project to conserve the 18th Century warship for the next 50 years - replacing rotting planks from the hull, repairing the structural framework, and renewing the rigging.

We want to know as much as possible about the materials we are using – taking an evidence-based approach to choose the right products. nC2 is helping us to do that, and even if there’s no perfect product that will last the full 50 years, their data will enable us to plan our maintenance schedule to keep the ship watertight.

Diana Davis - Head of Conservation at NMRN

Image courtesy of NMRN