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Research centre

In situ and Remote Intelligent Sensing (IRIS)

Iris researchers in snow

Iris is the world’s only research centre dedicated to developing intelligent, self-powered sensing systems. We operate in some of Earth’s most remote, harsh environments, giving a better understanding of the natural phenomena that occur at the extremes of Earth’s environment.

Part of Engineering

We work on intelligent sensing technologies that can gather data from deep oceans and polar regions to the edges of space. Our work is advancing 'edge computing' (data that's processed at its point of origin) beyond the built environment. We adapt existing sensing concepts used in the home, transport, manufacturing, and medical diagnosis. We've led research projects including deep-sea robotic surveying, offshore infrastructure monitoring and geological core analysis.

Research areas include large-scale solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling and global magnetospheric dynamics using combined in situ and ionospheric data.