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Research project

A Hierarchical Bayesian approach to optimising hypertension management strategies


Lead researcher

Professor Francesco Shankar

Professor of Astrophysics

Research interests

  • Super-massive Black Hole Demography and Evolution
  • Galaxy Evolution: Spheroids and Bulges, Environment, High-redshift galaxies
  • Radio and Broad Absorption Line Active Galactic Nuclei
Other researchers

Professor Christian Knigge

Professor of Astrophysics

Research interests

  • accretion phenomena and associated outflows
  • cataclysmic variables
  • close binaries

Research outputs

Alexandry Augustin,
Lorenzo Zanisi,
Anthony S. Wierzbicki,
Phil J. Chowienczyk,
& Christopher N. Floyd
, 2021 , Hypertension , 77 (4) , 1350–1359
Type: article
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