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Research project

Postnatal depression risk calculator

Project overview

Postnatal depression affects 1 in every 6 women, and harms not only mothers but also next generation’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development. However, nearly half of perinatal mental illness go undetected, and suicide remains the leading cause of maternal death within the first year of giving birth. With approximately 140 million live births per year worldwide, it is urgent to improve prediction and early detection of postnatal depression.
Our development of Postnatal Depression Risk Calculator combines cutting-edge theory, innovative technology, and advanced statistical methods. It is aimed at accurately predicting postnatal depression onset through a non-invasive, self-administrative, and self-educative mobile phone app. This proposal describes the initial developmental phase where we focus on technology and model design. We will first migrate lab-based neurocognitive assessments into a webapp. We will achieve this through collaborative effort between researchers, students, and our Patient, Public, and Stakeholder Involvement Committee. After testing the validity of the webapp, we will conduct a pilot study to finalise design and implementation strategy for the main study.
The initial data provided by the proposed study will support further development and implementation of the app. The final product is expected to have huge impact in science and public health.


Lead researcher

Dr Yuning Zhang PhD

Lecturer in Psychology
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