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Algorithms for Solving Variational Inequalities

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Project overview

This project was supported by Austrian Science Fund-FWF.

We intend to achieve a breakthrough in the field of classical algorithms for solving pseudo monotone variational inequalities (VIs) and analyze their convergence properties. We also plan to investigate the close connection between numerical algorithms and continuous dynamical system for solving pseudo monotone VIs. We address the following three main objectives:
1. Convergence of the FBF method and appropriate modi cations using generalized
projections for solving VIs involving pseudo monotone operators;
2. Dynamical system approaches for solving pseudo monotone VIs;
3. Linear convergence of projection-type methods and exponential rate of the trajectories generated by dynamical systems without imposing strong pseudo monotonicity


Lead researcher

Dr Vuong Phan PhD, FHAE, PGCAP

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Continuous optimisation
  • Dynamical systems
  • Optimal control
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Research outputs

Yekini Shehu, Phan Tu Vuong & Alain Zemkoho, 2021, Optimization Methods and Software, 36(1), 1-19
Type: article
Masoud Ahookhosh, Francisco J. Aragón Artacho, Ronan M.T. Fleming & Phan T. Vuong, 2019, Advances in Computational Mathematics, 1-36
Type: article