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Research project

TrueNTH: Supported self-management and follow up care programme for men with prostate cancer

Project overview

This programme of work (2014-2018), funded by the Movember Foundation in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK involved the design, delivery and evaluation a new prostate cancer follow-up pathway based on the principles of supported self-management.


Lead researcher

Professor Alison Richardson PhD, MSc, BN, PGDipEd, RN

Prof in Cancer Nursing/End of Life Care
Other researchers

Professor Claire Foster

Professor of Psychosocial Oncology

Research outputs

David O’connor,
Jo Watts,
Hazel Brodie,
Kevin Hamer,
, 2022 , Frontiers in Digital Health , 4
Type: article
Hazel Brodie,
Deborah Cooke,
Heather Gage,
Jake Jordan,
Ines Mesa-Eguiagaray,
Ruth Pickering,
, 2019 , BMC cancer , 19 , 1--18
Type: article
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