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Research project

APM Understanding Agile Project Management

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    Association for Project Management
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    Not active

Project overview

The project management domain is continually faced with new methods and processes, and a commonly expressed view regarding which method to apply is that plan-driven methods suit well-known markets with well-known technology, and that Agile methods suit projects with unknown or changing elements. A more polarised view is that Agile methods are just more effective than plan-driven methods, but we currently lack the research depth to make any confident claims. The question of ‘does Agile work’ first requires a clear understanding of ‘what is Agile’, and there are a variety of responses. Hence, this project sought to develop a firmer understanding of Agile for project managers. This included a literature review of Agile project management, a large survey, and a series of case studies investigating the use, effectiveness and efficacy of agile in project management.


Other researchers

Doctor David Baxter

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Innovation management
  • Agile 

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