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Research project

Are Neurons Expressing Mutant Tau Competent To Process BDNF-TrkB Signaling?


Lead researcher

Doctor Katrin Deinhardt

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Our research is focused on cellular and molecular neurobiology. Fascinated by the beautiful but complicated shape of individual neurons, we study the complex intracellular logistics required to form, maintain and remodel these cells throughout life.Neurons extend processes that cover vast territories, which allow them to directly connect with cells distant from the soma. Our research interest is to understand how neurons integrate the different extracellular cues that they receive at distinct parts of the cell in time and space to maintain and adapt their structure and connectivity. To this end, we investigate the interplay of short- and long-range trafficking and signalling, and how these events ultimately converge to initiate changes in neuronal morphology and physiology in health and neurodegeneration.

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