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Research project

B-MELTT - Blending MOOCs for English Language Teacher Training

Project overview

B-MELTT (Blending MOOCs for English Language Teacher Training) is a British Council English Language Teaching Research Award (ELTRA) project that started in July 2016. ELTRA is a UK/Netherlands and China collaboration. It concluded in 2018 with an international symposium, and a white paper. The project explored how MOOCs might be embedded in English Language teacher training alongside telecollaboration projects spanning 3 countries. Teacher trainer participants from 3 countries took part, focussing on the learning of digital skills and fostering awareness of, and engagement with, learner / teacher autonomy.


Lead researcher

Professor Kate Borthwick MA (Hons), MA, PHD, FHEA, SCMALT

Professorial Fellow of Enterprise

Research interests

  • Massive Open Online Courses (and Language MOOCs)
  • Open educational practices and resources
  • Blended learning for languages
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Research outputs