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Research project

CfBS - Polymersome Nanoparticale Mediated Delivery of GSK3B Inhibitors Alzheimers Disease - Hugh Perry - Wessex Medical Researc


Lead researcher

Emeritus Professor Hugh Perry MA, DPhil, FMedSci

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Other researchers

Doctor Tracey Newman

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • The demographic of populations worldwide is changing. People are living longer but with more years with affected by disability in the last two decades of life. The societal and economic consequences of this change are not being well managed. There is a lag in the development of health interventions and a need for rapid learning for future health and infrastructure planning. Typically, people in poorer economic situations are disproportionately affected by disability in later life.
  • Hearing loss and dementia: I lead multidisciplinary research focussed on hearing loss, the use of cochlear implants to restore hearing in otherwise deaf people and the interaction between hearing loss and dementia.

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