Research project

Changing chicken for net zero: Practices and Beliefs from the poultry industry

Project overview

Net-zero is poorly understood or known about as a goal across non-scientific communities in the UK. Our central aim is to learn about beliefs and practices linked to awareness and interest to engage with carbon net-zero with people in dual-roles both consumer-citizens and employees in the UK poultry industry. We will run a one-day in-person workshop facilitated to produce conversations that identify latent beliefs and practices which may both hinder and advance action towards net-zero. Utilising the breadth of expertise and societal-positions in the dual-role of poultry industry worker and consumer-citizen will situate the enquiry across the spaces of poultry consumption, processing, regulation, retailing and farming activities. A mixture of crafting chicks from wool and participant-led questioning and reflection will feature. Project outcomes include a report to share workshop findings with wider poultry industry stakeholders (online workshop) and art-work to express the poultry industry’s interest and engagement with net-zero goals.


Lead researcher

Professor Emma Roe

Professor of More-Than-Human Geographies
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