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Clean Air Routes Southampton

Project overview

Tranquil City and Go Jauntly will collaborate on a joint venture in collaboration with GeoData. The team has developed an award-winning, environmental modelling and routing algorithm solution.

The aim of the project is to create a Clean Air Routing Web-app that highlights the positive effect of greener and more appealing routes that have better air quality to encourage people to walk, cycle and wheel. This contrasts more common risk-based approaches that make air pollution issues ‘confusing’, ‘invisible’, and ‘difficult to understand’, which can lead to disengagement. The Web-app will be designed to encourage appeal and measure impact towards local and national policy aims.

GeoData’s contribution will be in the routing part, the assessment of relevant datasets, geospatial spread, quality, resolution and temporal update frequency.

The full dataset will be made available via the API, allowing integration into run-time website and app features, such as the rapid calculation of air pollution exposure comparisons, increases in time exposed to natural elements, time spent in quiet areas and accessibility ratings.

An update of the air quality data will be completed and integrated into the tool by Summer 2025.

Budget: £4,874


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Dr Efstathios Margaritis PhD

GIS Analyst / Trainer
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Mr Chris Emberson

Senior Enterprise Fellow
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