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Research project


  • Lead researcher:
  • Research funder:
    Arts & Humanities Research Council
  • Status:
    Not active

Project overview

FOODSCAPES was an AHRC Connected Communities project (2013) that explored the use of art as a way of opening up discussion about food. Participants in the project included Knowle West Media Centre, The Matthew Tree Project (TMTP), the Edible Landscapes Movement (ELM), UWE Bristol, University of Southampton, the James Hutton Institute and Paul Hurley (artist-in-residence). Together, we explored how arts intervention and cultural engagement can help address food, food poverty, and sustainable communities. As co-designed action research, the project also examined how arts intervention can enhance interchange between community organisations and research institutions. Throughout Foodscapes there was an attempt to integrate the research questions, arts programming and evaluative activities into the actual process of the work, so that these activities could become entwined and, it is hoped, more meaningful for all involved.


Lead researcher

Professor Emma Roe

Professor of More-Than-Human Geographies

Research outputs

Carol Morris,
Minna Kaljonen,
Kadri Aavik,
Balint Balazs,
Matthew Cole,
Sophia Efstathiu,
Ben Cole,
Tracey Fallon,
Mike Foden,
Giraud Eva Haifa,
Mike Goodman,
Eleanor Hadley Kershaw,
Richard Helliwell,
Pru Hobson-West,
Matti Hayry,
Piia Jallinoja,
Mat Jones,
Taijja Kaarlesnkaski,
Maarit Laihonen,
Anu Lahteenmak-Uutela,
Saara Kupsala,
Annika Lonkila,
Lydia Martens,
Renelle McGlacken,
Josephine Mylan,
Mari Niva,
Richard Twine,
Markus Vinnari,
& Richard White
, 2021 , Humanities and Social Sciences Communications , 8 (1)
Type: article
& Michael Buser
, 2016 , Cultural Geographies , 23 (4) , 581--598
Type: article
MIchael Buser,
& Elizabeth Dinnie
, 2014
Type: report
Michael Buser,
Liz Dinnie,
Roz Hall,
Melissa Mean,
, 2014
Type: report
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