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Research project

Complex Computational Systems


Other researchers

Professor Enrico Gerding


Research interests

  • My main research focuses on applications where autonomous self-interested agents compete in markets and negotiate, and where designing appropriate incentives is important to ensure a well functioning and fair society. My research combines theory, mainly game theory and mechanism design, with practical applications. Specific applications include: autonomous vehicles, the smart grid, online advertising markets, cloud computing, algorithmic trading, ride sharing and data privacy.
  • I'm currently an investigator on the following projects:
  • AutoTrust: Human Centered Internet of Vehicles This EPSRC-funded platfrom grants looks at a wide range of aspects around the Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), such as the interaction with autonomous systems (human-to-vehicle interaction), the issue of data privacy and consent, as well as the incentives and optimisation of e.g. traffic flow. Specific topics include: how do platoons form and how can they be used most effectively to improve traffic flow; how can we incentivise better use of public transport and/or shared vehicles (ride sharing); how can we best combine different modes of transport to reduce carbon emissions; how can we ensure that transportation data can be stored securely and used for research purposes; in autonomous vehicles and autonomous systems more generally, how can we reason about concepts such as responsibility and accountability especially when there is shared responsibility of a coalition (e.g. in case of a collision). 

Professor Adam Prugel-Bennett

Prof of Electronics & Computer Science

Research outputs

Wenming Bian,
M. French,
, 2013 , SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization , 51 (2) , 1063--1098
Type: article
Athanasios Papakonstantinou,
Alex Rogers,
& Nicholas R. Jennings
, 2011 , Artificial Intelligence , 175 (2) , 648--672
Type: article
Kate Larson,
Alex Rogers,
& Nicholas R. Jennings
, 2010
Type: conference
Peter McBurney,
& Xin Yao
, 2010 , Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems , 21 (2) , 109--114
Type: article
Zinovi Rabinovich,
Maria Polukarov,
& Nicholas R. Jennings
, 2009
Type: conference
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