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Research project

Complex Computational Systems


Other researchers

Professor Enrico Gerding


Research interests

  • artificial intelligence
  • autonomous agents and multi-agent systems
  • algorithmics game theory
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Professor Adam Prugel-Bennett

Prof of Electronics & Computer Science
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Research outputs

Wenming Bian, M. French & Adam Prugel-Bennett, 2013, SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 51(2), 1063-1098
Type: article
Athanasios Papakonstantinou, Alex Rogers, Enrico H. Gerding & Nicholas R. Jennings, 2011, Artificial Intelligence, 175(2), 648-672
Type: article
Enrico Gerding, Sebastian Stein, Kate Larson, Alex Rogers & Nicholas R. Jennings, 2010
Type: conference
Enrico Gerding, Peter McBurney & Xin Yao, 2010, Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 21(2), 109-114
Type: article
Zinovi Rabinovich, Enrico Gerding, Maria Polukarov & Nicholas R. Jennings, 2009
Type: conference