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Research project

Construction and characterisation of Chlamydia transposon knock-out libraries

Lead researcher:
Other researchers:

Project overview

The aim of this project is to optimise and ultimately make the outputs of our Chlamydia-based Saturation mutagenesis system available to the research community through the Chlamydia Biobank. This includes desiging, executing and analysing the results of multiple sub-projects e.g. designing high throughput sequencing experiments to prove saturation mutagenesis and comparing this to the nanopore sequencing data we recently published; optimising the new expression control features to improve regulation of gene expression in C. trachomatis and improving transposon delivery vectors to increase transposon insertion frequency.


Lead researcher

Professor Ian Clarke

Professor in Molecular Microbiology

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Other researchers

Doctor Colette O'neill

Senior Research Fellow

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