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Research project

Critical Posthumanism in Practice

Project overview

Humanistic principles underpin key discourses in biology (we are individual entities), psychology (we are individual actors), economics (we are rational actors), law (we are responsible for our actions), art (we are individual authors of human stories), AI research (the goal is to produce computers which “think like us”), medicine (there is a clear idea of a healthy human which we should aim to remain in line with), and ecology (the earth should be optimised for human habitation).

In many of these areas, however, the centrality of such thought is being questioned. Critical posthumanism is an academic field of inquiry that deconstructs the human (and humanitarian) impacts of these liberal humanist systems and institutions, particularly in the ways that they have been accelerated and exacerbated by advancing technologies. Critical posthumanism proposes that even as we are considering new advances for humanity, it is crucial to continually re-examine their old foundational logics. This project seeks funds to enable the first steps in formalising a UK network of critical posthumanist thinkers and practitioners in the arts and technology.


Lead researcher

Dr Megen de Bruin-Molé


Research interests

  • contemporary remix culturemonster studiesadaptationthe Gothiccritical posthumanism and creative practice(neo-)Victorian and historical fiction I welcome PhD applications that intersect with one or more of these fields. 
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