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Research project

Currie EPSRC PamTran


Lead researcher

Professor Christine Currie

Professor of Operational Research

Research interests

  • Simulation optimisation
  • Healthcare management
  • Decision making under uncertainty
Other researchers

Dr Mee Chi So

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Consumer credit risk
  • Public policy on consumer credit
  • Social media analytics

Professor Toni Martinez Sykora


Research interests

  • Optimisation and Combinatorial Optimisation 
  • Cutting and packing problems
  • Transportation and vehicle routing problems

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Christopher Bayliss,
Julia Bennell,
& Antonio Martinez Sykora
, 2021 , European Journal of Operational Research , 289 (2) , 727--741
Type: article
Christopher Bayliss,
Julia A Bennell,
, 2019 , European Journal of Operational Research , 273 (1) , 288--304
Type: article
Ruben van de Geer,
Arnoud V. den Boer,
Christopher Bayliss,
Andria Ellina,
Malte Esders,
Alwin Haensel,
Xiao Lei,
Kyle D.S. Maclean,
Asbjorn Nilsen Riseth,
Fredrik Odegaard,
& Simos Zachariades
, 2018 , Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management , 1--19
Type: article
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